HBK Gang and Richmond rep Iamsu! is back with another project. $uzy 6 $peed features the likes of Juvenile, P-Lo, Kool John, Problem, Rossi, and more. Featuring production from Iamsu!, P-Lo, Kuya Beats, Sage The Gemini & more.

Check out & download the project below. Enjoy!

Download Here: Iamsu! - $uzy 6 $peed (Mixtape)


01. Iamsu! - Welcome Back [Prod. By P-Lo (Of The Invasion)]
02. Iamsu! - Nowhere [Prod. By Kuya Beats & Iamsu! (Of The Invasion)]
03. Iamsu! - Mobbin' [Prod. By P-Lo & IAMSU (Of The Invasion)]
04. Iamsu! - 100 Grand (Feat. Juvenile & Kool John) [Prod. By P-Lo (Of The Invasion)]
05. Iamsu! - Don't Stop [Prod. By Sage The Gemini]
06. Iamsu! - Tell The World [Prod. By Iamsu! (Of The Invasion)]
07. Iamsu! - Losin' (Feat. CJ) [Prod. By KLSH]
08. Iamsu! - Gone [Prod. By P-Lo & Iamsu! (Of The Invasion)]
09. Iamsu! - Can't. Hate. U. Can't. Hate. [Prod. By Kuya Beats (Of The Invasion)]
10. Iamsu! - Shinin' (Feat. Jay Ant & P-Lo) [Prod. By Chief & P-Lo (Of The Invasion)]
11. Iamsu! - 5th Wheel (Feat. Rossi) [Prod. By Kuya Beats (Of The Invasion)]
12. Iamsu! - All I Rep [Prod. By Kuya Beats & Iamsu! (Of The Invasion)]
13. Iamsu! - Back On My BS (Feat. Problem & Skipper) [Prod. By P-Lo (Of The Invasion)]
14. Iamsu! - Goin' Up (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) [Prod. By P-Lo (Of The Invasion)]
15. Iamsu! - Put On A Show [Prod. By Bedrock]