Dirty Ghetto Kids or DGK is a lifestyle skatewear brand that produces both skate products and apparel for those that come from unfortunate households and troubled neighborhoods. Expanding its product line even further, Stevie Williams and his brainchild label enter the film industry with the release of a teaser to its fictional skateboarding movie dubbed Parental Advisory. Following the DGK team as they attempt to make their way through "one of the most dirty ghetto days imaginable," this film is filled with unsuspecting twists and turns, celebrity cameos and of course skateboarding. As the label puts it, "Parental Advisory not only showcases the DGK crew and lifestyle, but also gives a glimpse into what goes on inside the mind of a real dirty ghetto kid – parents beware!" Premiering at the Avalon in Hollywood on December 11 to coincide with the release of the latest DGK G-Shock watch, this film will be in stores on December 12 with pre-order available now.