"How Can I Get On The Site?"

I get asked this on a regular day basis.. And there is really only one effective way and thats e-mailing it over to me using the form below at the bottom of this page. But don't just e-mail it, because due to the high volume of e-mails if its not professional lookin' I won't take it serious enough to even check/listen to the e-mail. Below are a few effective ways of getting your material heard/seen/posted.

1. DON'T SPAM - I get every e-mail.. If you spam, I get it but only this time in my spam folder.. So therefore if you send your email once... leave it that way. If you don't see it posted anywhere or get a response back from me chances are I wasn't feeling what you sent. Sending duplicates does not catapult your chances for placement. It clutters my inbox making the process of sifting through potential postings even longer. Also keep in mind that, if I haven’t posted your music within a few weeks, chances are, I have no plans on posting it. You don’t have to send me reminders. You can be persistent without being pushy. I am constantly on the hunt for new music to promote and write about, so if I'm interested, I will post it.

2. Properly Title Everything - I hate gettin' emails that have titled mp3's attached looking like; "mixdown.mp3" or "untitled.mp3" etc.. So PLEASE open up itunes and changes the tags of the songs. And if your not a huge fan of itunes get yourself a metatag editor, it comes in handy. But just make sure the titles, artist, features, producers are all tagged in the info on the mp3.

3. Dont' Send Just An MP3 - In your e-mail, please include a few sentences about yourself (or the artist you represent), as well as a few sentences about the music you are submitting. This gives me an idea of who the artist is, music style, and where/when to place the content. As well as include a picture or cover art to the single/mixtape/video etc..

4. Make Sure You Submit Mixtapes With A Stream Capability - If you are submitting an album or mixtape, please consider using Bandcamp. It is a great tool and easy to use. It also allows me to preview your album or mixtape before downloading/posting it.

5. Include Links - Give me all the possible links to the artist so I can get more info on the artist as well as link the post back.. (Twitter,Facebook,Websites,Bandcamps etc...)

6. Don't Use zShare or any other file host site with a wait time - Chances are I've never heard of you before so I'm not gonna wanna go thru some bullshit ass process to hear material YOU want ME to hear. Therefore please upload it to some more user friendly sites like, Audiomack, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or just attatch the mp3 if possible.

7. Make it look professional - Remember, presentation is key so please ensure that your e-mail is professional and include as much detail about you and your project, but keep it short, concise, and thorough.

8. DON'T Send Me The Links On Twitter Or Facebook - Chances are I won't even read it. I understand Twitter is a semi-useful tool to get heard. But really only if your followers really interact with you.. Meaning as in you only gotta post the link once or twice a day and your fans will do the rest. Worry more about e-mailing the music to DJ's/Blog/A&R's/Managers etc... or personally handing it to them.

Following the instructions above forward all submissions to Music@DJCosTheKid.com